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Magical gem: Pantheos, lion, acclammation (A) three deities, acclammation, voces (B-C)
US-NY-ANS_Schwartz 34
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Schwartz 34
Schwartz–Schwartz, 34; Michel, DMG, no. 41.5_2
obsidian (black)
Pantheos; stars (2); figures, female (2); figure, male; tabula ansata; animal: lion; crown, hemhem; tail of bird; scepters (2); scepter, unspecified; clothing: garment; clothing: kilt; protomes of animals (4-4)
Divine Names & Voces:
Ἀβρασάξ; σουμαρτα and variants; Σαβαώθ, variants; σεμεσειλαμ and variants; Ἀκραμμαχαμαρεί and variants; Ἀδωναΐ; vocales; Ἰάω; σεσεγγενβαρφαραγγης and variants; Ἀβλαναθαναλβα, palindrome; Μιχαήλ
A: Frontal view of a four-winged Pantheos on the back of a lion, which strides left above a tabula ansata. The Pantheos wears a kilt, and has a bird’s tail projecting to right. Both arms are slightly bent in elbow and hold tall scepters. The face, to front, is framed by four animal protomes on each side, head crowned with the hemhem-crown. Inscription in three lines within the tabula ansata: φυλαξοναπο|παντοσκακ|ουτονφορ → φύλαξον ἀπὸ παντὸς κακοῦ τὸν φορ<οῦντα>.  'Protect the wearer (of this amulet) from all evil.'  Around, inscription covering the entire field of the gem. On the left, reading upward:
Outer line: ιαω?]σαβαωμιχαηλαηυ?(or *Character*)α → Ἰάω, Σαβαώ, Μιχαήλ, unidentified vox.
2nd line: σεμεσιλαμσουμαρτα → variant of σεμεσειλαμ, σουμαρτα.
3rd line: αβλαναθαναλβασ → Ἀβλαναθαναλβα{σ}
4th line: ασουμαρν → including σουμαρ<τα>
5th line: ταανρ
On the right, reading downward:
Outer line: αμαριιαιηιηα
2nd line: ραρανγοοειρι
3rd line: ακραμαχαμα → Ἀκραμμαχαμα<ρεί>
4th line: σουμαρτα
5th line: λσεμει
6th line: π?](or ο)σι
Outside of the left staff: αμ
Inside of the left staff: ιοα
Between the legs: να|ια|κι
Above the bird tail: ο
Below the bird tail: λο|ωι
Beneath the lion: μιι
To the left of the tabula ansata: μι
To the right of the tabula ansata: ια?](or λ)
Below the tabula ansata: ουινοιλνιχι|σουλχλμλοο|λιχλινυ
B: In the upper field: three figures standing above a tabula ansata. On the sides: female figures wearing long garments, head turned inwards, outer arms holding scepters, inner arms held out towards the central figure. On the two sides: eight-pointed stars. Inscription in three lines within the tabula ansata: φυλαιοναπ|οπαντοσκα|κουτονφο → φύλα<ξ>ον ἀπὸ παντὸς κακοῦ τὸν φορ<οῦντα>. ''Protect the wearer (of this amulet) from all evil.' Beneath: ιαωσαβαωαβρασαξα|δωναισουμαρταεα|αψακραμαχαρει|δσεσουμαρτακ|ιλελαψακρασεσε|γενβαρφαρανγ||ησαδωναιλαι|σουμαρταη|ιαεαλιψιμει → voces including Ἰάω, Σαβαώ, Ἀβρασάξ, Ἀδωναΐ, σουμαρτα, vocales, σεσεγγενβαρφαραγγης etc.
C: Three lines of inscription: σεμεσιλαμψσουμαρτασουμαρτααδωναιααβαωαβρασαξ|σουμαρταλελλυλμλσρσεγακραμαχαμαριακρααε?](or θ) ψακρασλι|σεμεσιλαψμ...λγτανευμαριλπλιυνμενγα..σι...ξσιλλυιυ?]

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