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Magical gem: Harpocrates in a boat, Ouroboros with characteres, Greek inscription (A) Greek letters and characteres (B)
AT-Wien-KM_IX B 1194
AT_Wien, Kunsthistorisches Museum
IX B 1194
Zwierlein-Diehl, AGWien III, 2194; Michel, DMG, no. 28.3_5
sard (brown)
33 x 21.5 x 3.7 mm
2nd c. AD (Zwierlein-Diehl)
Harpocrates seated with knees drawn up; stars (3); gesture, hand raised to mouth; flail; plant: lotus flower; boat, papyrus; Ouroboros; side-lock of youth; Harpocrates sitting on lotus flower; crown, lotus?

Description: Side A upright, side B transverse oval. Shape 2. Middle brown, translucent sard, chipped in two places at the right edge of side A. Set in a modern, gilded silver mount.
Already at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in 1806.

A: The young Horus sitting nude on a lotus, with knees drawn up inside a papyrus boat. Head crowned with the lotus-crown (?), side-lock of youth visible. Left hand bent in elbow and holding a flail, right hand raised to mouth. Above Harpocrates, an Ouroboros enclosing a Greek inscription in four lines and three characteres: an eight-pointed star and two Z-signs: ιαιηαν|οχτξπιδχ|characteres|ομεγασμη|νευσ → voces including the Greek word ὁ μέγας 'great'. Above the Ouroboros, a Greek inscription in seven lines: αεηιουω|εηιουωα|ηιουωαε|ιουωαεη|ουωαεηι||υωαεηιο|ωαεηιου → the Greek vowel series read both horizontally and vertically. Below the boat a Greek inscription in five lines: αμουρηιοι|ιιπιαιοιρε|τειραν|βιουβιβι|ουωα → unidentified voces. On the left and right side of the gem: Greek letters and characteres in four lines, which includes one eight-pointed star on each side, on the right side including the Greek word φύλαξον, 'Protect!'
B: Greek letters and characteres in seven lines, which include (in lines 5–7) the Greek sentence: διαφύλαξον τὸν φοροῦντα σου τὴν ἁγίαν σφραγῖδα – 'Protect the wearer of your holy seal!'

Zwierlein-Diehl, AGWien III on CBd-2437
Michel, DMG, 28.3_5.

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