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Drawing of a magical gem: Harpocrates in papyrus boat
Wu_Ex Chifletius–Macarius_XIV 59
Int_Whereabouts unknown
Chifletius–Macarius_XIV 59
Chifletius–Macarius, no. XIV 59; Mastrocinque, SGG I, 35
magnetite (black)
bird: falcon; star; Harpocrates sitting on lotus flower; Harpocrates seated with knees drawn up; gesture, hand raised to mouth; flail; rays (6); solar disk; boat, papyrus; animal: cynocephalus; moon, crescent
A: The young Horus sitting nude, with knees drawn up on a lotus flower with two buds, which rests upon a papyrus boat. Head crowned with the solar disk and six rays. Left hand bent in elbow and holding a flail, right hand raised to mouth. A falcon with the double crown of Egypt perches at the stern of the boat, a cynocephalus with both paws raised in greeting, standing to right, at the prow of the boat. On the left side of Harpocrates, a crescent open to top, on the right side an eight-pointed star.
B: Insufficient information.

For a gem in the Ägyptisches Museum, in Berlin that may have been designed after this piece, see CBd-2074.

Chifletius–Macarius, Abraxas, XIV 59
Tassie–Raspe 1791, 32, no. 351 (see the cast at the CARC website)
SGG I, no. 35 (with earlier literature)

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Credits from Chifletius–Macarius, Abraxas