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Drawing of a magical gem: Snake-entwined staves (A) Danubian riders (B)
Wu_Ex Chifletius–Macarius_XV 62
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Chifletius–Macarius_XV 62
Chifletius–Macarius, no. XV 62; Mastrocinque, SGG I, 354, no. 312
Former Collections:
Schinkel, Johan (Johannes Schinkelius)
moon, crescent; gesture, lying; pedestal; snakes (2); gesture, greeting; stars (2); Selene; Helios; weapon: bow; stars (3); figure, unidentified; rays (3); crown, unspecified; Danubian riders (2); bird, unspecified; gesture, kneeling; bird: dove; animal: dog; staves, snake entwined (2); weapon: spears (2); animal: lizard, winged
A: On both sides: two bows shaped as snakes facing downwards. Between them: two snake-entwined staves, the snakes facing each other. In the centre: two eight-ponted stars and two vessels (?).
B: Two snakes frame the gem on the edges. At the top, between the snakes' heads: a bird (?), to right; the bust of Helios with three rays, to right; a dove with a ribbon (?); the bust of Selene, to left, crowned with the crescent; a winged lizard. The central register represents the Danubian riders, crowned, nude, facing each other, hands raised in greeting, their horses each trampling a nude figure lying face up on the ground.  Between the riders, a figure kneeling on a pedestal (?) with both arms raised, wearing a kilt. There are two eight-pointed stars above the kneeling figure, and one eight-pointed star below the front leg of the horse on the left. Behind the riders, two figures on each side with spears. The lowermost register part of the gem: a dog standing in profile to left, two vessels (?) and a key (?).

Chifetius–Macarius, Abraxas, XV 62
SGG I, no. 312 (with earlier literature)
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Credits from Chifletius–Macarius, Abraxas