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Drawing of a magical gem: Osiris-Christ figure (A) Bearded, crowned man (B)
Wu_Ex Chifletius–Macarius_XIX 78
Int_Whereabouts unknown
Chifletius–Macarius_XIX 78
Chifletius–Macarius, no. XIX 78; Mastrocinque, SGG I, 214, no. 122; Michel, DMG, no. 39.8.a_4
jasper, green and red
figure, unidentified; crown, unspecified; snake; angel; stars (7); stars (8); Osiris?; mummy?
A: Crowned, herm-like figure to front, arms crossed over his chest. Lower body as if bandaged, decorated with characteres, two six-pointed stars next to the head of the figure. Below the figure: four squatting angels with arms crossed over the chest, upon a globe, decorated with lines of longitude and latitude and five six-pointed stars. To the right of the figure, a snake coiling upwards. Inscription in three lines next to the figure: υοιυνιυ νιυηιχι | ινυτιο χωχυο | νυιοιυ ητ?ιχ, followed by characteres. Further inscription next to the angels: ινο ιπι.
B: Crowned, herm-like figure, to front, arms crossed over the chest. Six six-pointed stars surround the head of the figure, two more appear next to the feet. Characteres in the free field.

For gems in the British Museum that may have been designed after this drawing, see CBd-968 and CBd-971, for a similar design in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, see CBd-2192

Chifetius–Macarius, Abraxas, XIX 78
SGG I, no. 122 (with earlier literature)
Michel, DMG, 315, 39.8.a_4, pl. 102, 3.

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Credits from Chifletius–Macarius, Abraxas