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Drawing of a magical gem: Ouroboros enclosing an uterus with deities (A) Greek inscription (B)
Wu_Ex St. Geneviève, Du Molinet pl. 29, I-II
Int_Whereabouts unknown
Ex St. Geneviève, Du Molinet pl. 29, I–II
Former Collections:
Abbey of St Geneviève, Paris
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uterus, in the form of a cupping vessel; object, unidentified; clothing: garment; Isis?; Ouroboros; Chnoubis, lion-headed, without rays; crown?; modius; mummy; key (6-bitted)
Divine Names & Voces:
voces, unidentified; vocales
A: Ouroboros, with head at top to left, encircling a uterus-symbol in the shape of a cupping vessel and a six-bitted key. Above the uterus, a group of deities, from left to right: a falcon(?)-headed mummy, to right, wearing a crown(?); lion-headed Chnoubis in profile to left, without rays; female figure (Isis?) to left, with the modius on her head, wearing a long robe and holding an unidentified object in her left hand. Greek inscription around the Ouroboros, starting at bottom left: στραπινναποκαινειαλλυχνουωρωζοερονχω → unknown voces. Inside the Ouroboros, the Greek vowel series above the figures: αεηιο, next to the uterus on the two sides: υ ω.
B: Greek inscription in seven lines: τασσοντ|ηνμητραν|τησδειναεισ|τονιδιοντο|πονοτονκυκ||λοντουηλει|ου → τᾶσσον τὴν μήτραν τῆς δεῖνα εἰς τὸν ἲδιον τόπον <ὡς> τὸν κύκλον τοῦ ἡλ<ί>ου. 'Put the womb of NN to its proper place as (you move) the solar disk.'

Du Molinet 1692, pl. 29, I–II.
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Credits from du Molinet 1692