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Drawing of a magical gem: Pantheos (A) Greek inscription (B)
Wu_Ex St. Geneviève, Du Molinet 127, VII–VIII
Int_Whereabouts unknown
Ex St. Geneviève, Du Molinet 127, VII–VIII
Former Collections:
Abbey of St Geneviève, Paris
jasper (colour unspecified)
Pantheos; crown, atef?; flail?; tufts on the knees (animal protomes); feet, in the shape of jackal's heads; moon, crescent; star; Ouroboros; shoes, unspecified; weapon: dagger; tail of bird; whip; weapon: axe (3)
Divine Names & Voces:
Ἀβλαναθαναλβα, variants; σεμεσειλαμ and variants
A: Human-headed Pantheos standing to front, feet to right, on an Ouroboros. The snake encircles an eight-pointed star, a crescent and characteres or letters. The deity has two pairs of wings and arms: the upper arms are in line with the top of the upper wings, almost at the height of the neck, the left hand holds two double axes and a dagger, the right hand holds an axe and a whip. In the lower right arm: a flail (?), in the lower left arm an unidentified object. The figure wears shoes, tufts on the knees, and a crown on the head. Two tails project to the left from the hips. 
B: Greek inscription in two lines: λαναθαναλ|σεμεσειλλμ → variant of Ἀβλαναθαναλβα, variant of σεμεσειλαμ. 

Du Molinet 1692, 127, VII–VIII.
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Credits from Du Molinet 1692