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Magical gem: Harpocrates in a boat (A) figure wrapped in snake (B)
Int_Whereabouts unknown
Mastrocinque, SGG I, 18; Mastrocinque, SGG II, no. GM 3
jasper, red
38 x 29 x 4.8 mm
animal: cynocephalus; bird: falcon; plant: lotus flower; star; solar disk; gesture, greeting; gesture, ithyphallic; moons, crescent (2); gesture, hand raised to mouth; Harpocrates sitting on lotus flower; Harpocrates seated with knees drawn up; rays (3); plant: lotus buds (2); boat, papyrus; flail; pentagram; stars (4); figure, wrapped in snake

Description: Upright oval, both faces flat. Shape 8–9. Red jasper. Post-antique.

A: Harpocrates sitting to right on a lotus flower with two buds, which is positioned on a papyrus boat. Left hand raised to mouth, right hand holding a flail, head crowned with rays, a solar disk and a crescent. On the left end of the boat, a falcon with three rays, on the right end, a cynocephalus, both facing Harpocrates. The ithyphallic baboon stands to left, with both paws raised in greeting, head crowned with the solar disk. Above the young Horus, on the left side, three eight-pointed stars, on the right side, a crescent and another star. 
B: Youthful figure standing to right, his body wrapped in what seem to be thick coils of a snake, with three pairs of long lines projecting from the coils like jets of water. There is an eight-pointed star above the figure and a pentagram below, characteres around.

SGG I, 73, fig. 18.
SGG II, 200, GM 3.
Mastrocinque 2000, 403–411.

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Credits Photo: Attilio Mastrocinque

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Credits Photo: Attilio Mastrocinque

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Credits Photo: Attilio Mastrocinque

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