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Magical gem in gold mount: Goddess, lions, three Graces, voces (A) Anguipes, voces (B)
Fr-BnF-CdM_M 6068
FR_Paris, Cabinet des Médailles
M 6068
Delatte–Derchain 1964, no. 271; Mastrocinque 2014, no. 370; Michel, DMG, no. 10_5
gold; jasper, green and red
31 x 22 x 2.9 mm
Graces (3); weapon: shield; weapon: armour; whip; Anguipes, cock-headed; throne; stars (4); gesture, embrace; modius; clothing: garment; torch?; objects, unidentified (2); scepter, with bird on the top; animal: lions (2); Cybele
Divine Names & Voces:
voces, unidentified

Description: Upright oval, both faces flat. Shape 8. Green and red jasper (heliotrope). Mounted in an ancient gold pendant (E. Zwierlein-Diehl).

A: In the upper register: a goddess (Cybele) sitting on a throne, clad in a long garment, wearing a calathus, holding a torch (?) in her right hand and a scepter with a bird at the top in her left hand. Beside her on each side: a lion with a star above the head. In the lower register: the three Graces in embrace, two of them holding something in their hands. On each side: an eight-pointed star. Greek inscription running along the edge: νλνυλυνλι ι character ι two characteres ουλβυδνν νν → unidentified voces.
B: Frontal view of a cock-headed Anguipes in armour with a whip held high in the right hand and a shield in the left hand. Greek inscription around the figure: ιλνηλιλυηαιλι → unidentified voces. On the left: letter ι.

Delatte–Derchain 1964, no. 271.
Mastrocinque 2014 on CBd-3576
Zwierlein-Diehl 2019, 326, n. 132

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Credits Photo: A. Mastrocinque

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