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Magical gem in modern mount: Sarapis enthroned on a papyrus boat
IT_Trieste-MusAnt_G 2032
IT_Trieste, Museo d'Antichità J. J. Winckelmann
G 2032 (579M)
Mastrocinque, SGG II, no. Ts 2
Former Collections:
Sartorio, Giuseppe (1838–1910)
carnelian, red to brown
21 x 17 (with mount) x 43
Sarapis; calathus; Isis Pelagia; crown, Isis-; Cerberus; rudder; boat, papyrus; animal: dolphin; cornucopia; star; moon, crescent; Isis-Tyche; scepter, unspecified

Description: Transverse oval, set in a modern mount. Carnelian. Intact, save for small chips on the right side.

A: Sarapis enthroned to right on a papyrus boat, wearing tunic and mantle, right hand supporting a tall scepter, left hand stretched forward, towards Cerberus. In front of his head, a crescent, open to left, behind him, a star. In front of Sarapis, Isis, with both hands touching the prow of the boat, head turned back to left, mantle inflated by the wind behind her. At the stern of the boat, behind the throne, the figure of Isis-Tyche, to right, left hand holding a scepter, right hand holding a cornucopia. The boat moves to right, with a dolphin below. Inscription at the top: Three paleo-Hebrew letters: DNY (retrograde). = "Adônaï" ? (Mastrocinque). Later engraving?
B: Hidden.

/Description: Marzia Vidulli – Susanna Moser – CBd/

Bibliography: SGG II, 155–156, Ts 2.

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Credits Photo: A. Mastrocinque

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