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Bonner, Campbell (1876–1954)
"Campbell Bonner died on July 11, 1954, in his seventy-ninth year. He had put to good use the opportunities afforded by a long life, and his achievement had earned him a place among the foremost Greek scholars of our time. His devotion to scholarship began very early in his career and was never relinquished. He took naturally to the traditional functions of a philologist, emending texts, illustrating them with parallels, correcting mistaken interpretations and establishing new ones. A steady stream of articles from his pen flowed into the journals. But his exceptional talents were first exhibited on a large scale after Professor Kelsey acquired for the University of Michigan an extensive and important collection of papyri. Bonner then took over responsibility for texts of religious and magical content. Within a single decade, between 1930 and 1940, he issued in rapid succession three volumes which were much appreciated and admired by his colleagues: 'The papyrus codex of the shepherd of Hermas* (1933)? 'The last chapters of Enoch in Greek' (1937), and 'The Homily on the Passion by Melito, Bishop of Sardis* (1940). These were editions of superior merit, and they remind us by eminent example that philology still supplies the indispensable base for religious history. After his retirement in 1945 Bonner concentrated his efforts on a task which he had long had in mind. He intended to repair the sad neglect into which the study of magical amulets had fallen. In 1950 he published his 'Studies in magical amulets, chiefly Greco-Egyptian', of which the virtues have been sufficiently celebrated in numerous reviews. And before his death in 1954 he completed two supplementary studies on amulets which appeared as articles in Hesperia (19511954)."

from Herbert C. Youtie: 'Campbell Bonner,' Gnomon 27/4 (1955), 301-303.
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