The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1059
Bonner 5
Obv. Sun-god in four-horse chariot, seen in front view. The god's head is turned to l., r. hand raised, whip over l. shoulder. At first inspection it looks as if his body from the waist down were that of a serpent; but the curious curve may be intended for the box of the chariot. As usual in such designs, two of the horses are turned to l., the other two to r., but the heads of the pole horses are turned toward each other. The wheels are shown as in side view under the two pole horses. Crude work.
Rev. Cock-headed anguipede, head to l., whip in r. hand, shield on l. arm. The figure is very unusual in having no kilt to conceal the junction of the trunk with the snake legs.
Mottled jasper, green, yellow, and red. Transverse oval, 20 X 16 X 4.
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