The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1061
Bonner 6
Obv. Anguipede, head indistinct but probably meant for that of a cock. Below the abruptly narrowed waist are two thin lines, which were meant for legs or else for the beginning of the snake coils; but at the position where the feet would be is a kilt from which snakes curve upward on each side, their heads opposite the waist of the human part. A very strange representation of the anguipede, apparently without parallel. The r. hand holds an uncertain triangular object somewhat like a rhyton or drinking horn (the scratches over it are adventitious). In the l. hand is a torch, or possibly a hammer. Round the snake coils is an inscription, apparently in the same unknown characters as those on the reverse.
Rev. Inscription in nine lines, the ninth crowded and partly worn away. Some of the characters resemble Greek letters, but since the stone is of Syrian origin, it is possible that a degenerate Semitic alphabet was used. Neither Greek nor Semitic scholars have thus far been able to read it.
Unidentified black stone resembling slate. Oblong, with square corners above, rounded below, 37 X 27 X 6. There is a groove in the middle of the upper edge, probably cut in order to clasp the stone more firmly in a setting.
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