The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1079
Bonner 54
Obv. Sarapis seated to l. on throne which rests upon a crocodile, head to l. The crocodile is placed immediately over a mummy wearing atef crown, lying on the back of a lion walking to l. Sarapis' r. hand is extended over a scorpion, the tail of which seems to be pressed between the god's right foot and the crocodile's head. Over the hand of Sarapis, an uncertain object, perhaps an unusual type of incense burner. The whole design is encircled by a serpent with human head, adorned with seven rays and an ovoid ornament, which is turned inward to face Sarapis. In upper field, αβλαναθαν, under Sarapis' hand, Ιαω, at left and below scattered letters making no sense. Almost half the design has been broken away, including the back, left arm, and most of the head of Sarapis, the tail of the crocodile, the lower part of the mummy, and the hindquarters of the lion. Round margin, outside the serpent, some letters that seem to be part of the Iaeo formula. The remainder has been lost by the breaking away of the right half of the stone and the abrasion of the left edge.
Rev. Harpocrates seated to l. on lotus, flail whip over l. shoulder, crescent behind head; face, r. arm, and legs broken away. Round margin, βαλακαμσθομβλη, part of a formula associated with solar deities; nearer center, ιν τω φορυν (to be completed δὸς χάριν τῷ φοροῦντι, “Grant favor to the wearer”).
Haematite. Upright oval, present measurement, 32 X 18 X 3.5. After the right half of the stone had splintered off, the sharp corners were ground to the present oblong form.
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