The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1082
, D. 387.
Bonner 76
Obv. Combination of a bearded mask facing l., supported on cock's legs; a horse's head and neck (above at l.) bridled, a wreath in the horse's mouth; a cornucopia, above, at r., a ram's head (behind the mask), holding in the mouth an ear of grain and an acorn-shaped object meant for a bunch of grapes. Palm frond under the cock's feet. At the upper r. edge, ΑΥ; at l. edge, star, crescent, and ΚΟ.
Deep red carnelian. Upright oval, 16 X 13 X 5. Both sides convex, obv. more so. Edge beveled.
This is a fair example of the so-called “grylli,” a name which really means “caricatures,” but has long been applied to curious combined designs. Such types are very common; they were probably apotropaic, a magical power being imputed to them because of their strangeness. Combinations like this specimen are published in Walters, B. M. Cat. Gems 2573–2575 and 2600 (Pl. 29); Richter, Cat. Metrop. Mus. 274 (Pl. 68); Furtwängler, Antike Gemmen, Pl. 46, 33; Beschreibung, 3341, 3344 (Pl. 27).
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