The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1098
M. M. 74.51.4299
Obv. Lion-headed god standing to l. over altar, l. hand raised, r. extended but indistinct. Six rays on head. Tunic to knees, chlamys round chest, end over r. arm. The head is not distinct, but seems to be that of a lion, and not human; compare 185. Above, scarab with spread wings, then on each side, descending, bird, scorpion, crab, snake. At bottom, crocodile.
Rev. Indistinct inscription in six lines, .τ.αχεταδεχ.πεπτε. The last word shows that the stone was to be used as a digestive amulet.
Haematite. Tall oblong with rounded corners, 33 X 17 X 4. Crude, shallow engraving. The illustration is made from an impression, which in this instance is slightly clearer than the cast.
Described in Handbook of the Cesnola Collection, No. 4299, by Myres, who thought the central figure of the obverse to be entirely human. Illustration in Cesnola's Atlas of the collection, III, 31, 18.
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