The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1104
Newell 5
Obv. Lion-headed god standing to l., r. hand raised towards mouth, left resting on hip. Eight rays on head. Draped from waist to ankles, apparently nude above. In field at r., three square sigmas in vertical column, at l., a kind of scepter represented by a long vertical stroke passing through four square sigmas two of which open upward, the others downward. A similar sign is cut twice along with magical words, part of the χυχβαχυχ formula, on the back of a little seated figure of Maat (?), carved from green feldspar (No. 373). The sign is of uncertain origin and meaning; it does not seem to be Egyptian, and of foreign sources one can only suggest the trident, the caduceus, and the Babylonian lightning-fork.
Rev. χυχ βαχυχ βακαχυχ βακαξιχυχ βαγητο βαινχωωωχ.
Serpentine. Upright oval, 20 X 16.
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