The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-136
Bonner, SMA – PDF, D. 136.
B. M. 56322
Obv. Ouroboros enclosing uterine symbol of unusual appearance — a flattened ovoid, corrugate, and showing a central hollow. The “key” here has no stem, and its wards appear as a grating below the symbol. Downward-slanting lines from bottom of the organ may represent ligaments. Standing on the curving appendages, l. to r., Anubis mummy standing to r., Chnoubis to l., Osiris mummy to l. and Isis to l. with one arm depressed and apparently holding a wand or torch, the other raised; probably an inaccurate rendering of a common type, Isis lifting one wing, depressing the other, as she fans Osiris. The figures of Anubis and Osiris are marked by a peculiar stylization of the trunks, which are triangular. At l. and below, Ιαω, at r., worm or small snake behind Isis.
Rev. αεηιουω ορωριουθ <Ιαω>. Most of the letters have strongly marked serifs. Omicron and theta lozenge-shaped. Horizontal line above and below inscription.
Undetermined material; black, greenish gray in cuts. Broad horizontal oval, with suspension loop worked in the stone; 38 X 37. Obv. plane, rev. slightly convex.
Style strikingly like Southesk N 42, which may well be a product of the same workshop; see Lord Southesk's comment in the Catalogue of his collection.
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