The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1100
Μ.Μ. 81.6.308
Obv. The three Graces, grouped as usual, but very crudely executed. Star at r. Round margin, beginning at upper l., ζησες (l. ζήσαις) Δάβατι. Dabatis seems to be a proper name; not known elsewhere.
Rev. Harpocrates seated to r. on lotus; knees drawn up, r. hand to lips, flail over l. shoulder. Three rays (or plumes?) on head. Beginning at l., αβλαναθαν round margin, αλ inside circle. The palindrome could be considered complete by counting the αβ again backwards. Round bevel σὺ νικᾷς πάντες, variation of the victory acclamations. πάντες in the accusative is common in papyrus letters and occurs also on the Ashmolean amulet, No. 7 in this series.
Black jasper. Broad oval, 25 X 23 Χ 5, slightly chipped at edges.
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