The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1158
Ashmolean Museum
Obv. Across the center, papyrus boat in which the mummy of Osiris lies, the head, crowned with the atef, to r. The boat is upheld by Anubis, half kneeling, to r., arms extended. Over the mummy a scarab, with a crowned hawk on each side and two cobras above. Several characters in vacant places of the field. A cobra at each side of Anubis.
Rev. Αβλαναθαναλβα in large letters; under it, much smaller, πρὸς πάντες (l. πάντας); these are the last words of the inscription on the bevel, placed here for lack of room on the edge. On the bevel, encircling it a little more than twice, αρπονχνουφι βριντατηνωφρι βρισκυλμα ρυζαβαρα μεσενκριφι νιπτουμι χμουμαω δός μοι χάριν Διονυσιάτι κύριε θεὲ ἤδη (πρὸς πάντες). This legend is a variant of the formula discussed on the basis of several examples by Perdrizet (Mélanges Maspero, II, 1, 137–144), followed by the prayer “Grant me, Dionysias, favor in the sight of all, O lord God, quickly.” The magical words seem to belong to Horus-Chnum as a solar divinity; but κύριε θεέ has a Jewish sound.
Green jasper. Upright oval, 28 X 21 X 5.
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