The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1431
Mich. 26028
Obv. Pantheos of simplified type standing to front, feet turned to r. The indistinct head wears the headcloth and a disk or the lower part of a taller crown, which is partly chipped off. No other clothing except apron. Two wings extended from shoulders. L. hand holds tall crutch scepter, r., hanging at side, holds the sign .
Rev. In seven lines, χωσα μειλαω κεχωκωι πλωχθυ παωχολοζλα ζαρμε. Several elements of this inscription occur in De Ridder 3503, a chalcedony from Bagdad which bears no figure design.
Lapis lazuli. Upright oval, 16 X 12 X 4. Chipped at top and lower left.
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