The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1433
Mich. 26004 (formerly Wyndham Cook)
Obv. Pantheos to r. Head indistinct (but not head of ram, as stated in Wyndham Cook Catalogue); atef crown; four wings, bird tail, feet ending in serpents. Figure stands on oblong cartouche formed by ouroboros, containing five indistinct signs. Pantheos holds two scepters. Roundmargin, partly indistinct, meaningless inscription, ανιυγχραμγυιωισαεγοσυ[ .. ]ευ.
Rev. Cobra erect to r., wide-open jaws looking like crescent moon; or else the snake actually holds crescent in mouth, as Smith and Hutton thought.
Bloodstone. Upright oval, 19 Χ 14 Χ 4.
Catalogue of the Wyndham Cook Collection, 237, Pl. 9.
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