The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1442
Newell 38
Obv. Harpocrates seated to l. on lotus, knees drawn up, r. hand to lips, l. holding flail. Wears the scalp lock, disk on head, nimbus with seven rays and the word Ζαγουρη in semicircle. Facing him, cynocephalus with paws raised, disk on head. Above these figures, at top, three scarab beetles, under them three lions walking to l. Along l. edge, heads of three birds, apparently vultures, their bodies broken away, and the head of a crocodile. Along r. edge traces of two, perhaps three, animal heads (goats?) the bodies broken off. Star and crescent over cynocephalus. The badly broken stone once showed the usual animal triads complete, the three snakes and two more crocodiles being placed in the lower part of the stone, which is lost.
Rev. God standing to front, nude but for apron (the scarflike line from shoulder to shoulder is meant for the clavicles), tall scepter (the was?) in r. hand, ankh in l. The place of the head is taken by a post with the atef crown on top, two rams' heads projecting at the l., two other animal heads (hippopotamus?) at r. The figure was completely encircled (with a short overlap) by the long Iaeo palindrome (p. 204), more than half of which is lost. The last few letters, at the right of the god, are followed by the prayer δός μο[ι χάριν].The bevel on the right side shows the vowels arranged in threes and some letters outside them, mostly broken by the damage to the edge. On the left side is the beginning of the Sthombaole formula.
Haematite. Formerly upright oval, lower third broken away, also a broad splinter at the right of the obverse; badly chipped at top and left. Present measurements, 26 Χ 21 X 4.
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