The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-852
B. Μ. 56472
Obv. Ouroboros with sharp triangular projections from the body, part of head seen at bottom, enclosing meaningless inscription (see p. 163) in five lines, under which are four ring signs.
Rev. Monster with three heads (ibis, ox, lion) supported on shoulders by broken lines which may be meant for the legs of the animals; square, blocklike body girt at waist with snake forming figure 8 knot, and crossed by two diagonal lines. R. hand holds garland with ties enclosing ΕΑ. Those letters may be intended to go with the seven-line series of vowel permutations at l. Under the monster's feet, tabula ansata broken at r. enclosing the inscription αβλαριμαθα[ |βη ιωπακερ[ | ιω βολχσ[.At the end of the first line I supply ιωερ, at the end of the second, βη, at the end of the third, read βολχ(ο)σ[ηθ.
Lapis lazuli. Transverse oval, ca. 29 X 29, almost half broken away. If the figure on the reverse was accurately centered, the original length was 44 mm.
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