The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1385
Newell 15
Obv. Harpocrates seated to l. on lotus with knees drawn up; r. hand to lips, flail held over l. shoulder. Ovoid ornament on head, hair flowing down on neck and shoulders (unless this effect is due to deterioration of the material). A rare, perhaps unique, example of the type in a special technique, painting under glass. The face, hair, hands, and legs are golden yellow, the face a little lighter than the other parts, but perhaps not originally so. The flail and lotus are also yellow. The child's body is a deeper reddish gold or golden brown. The background is a purplish red, but this may be merely the result of the decay of the golden yellow color; and the deeper color of Harpocrates' body may be due to the same cause. The surface is convex; the reverse is flat and not inscribed. Upright oval, 21 Χ 17 Χ 4.
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