The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1388
Mich. 26161
Obv. Harpocrates seated to l. in papyrus boat, disk on head, flail whip over l. shoulder, r. hand to lips. Head shaven except for the long scalp lock. Above and in front of his head, an inscription which seems to be arranged in a rough spiral, αχαχρατιοθφω. R.‑hand part of the stone, almost half, broken away, broad flake lost at l. end. Above the latter fracture faint traces of letters.
Rev. θυλουβις θυλορβις ερκυω, in three lines.
Dark‑red stone streaked with black, probably jasper. Transverse oval, present measurements 22 Χ 20 Χ 4.
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