The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1389
Mich. 26041
Obv. At l., Harpocrates seated to r. on lotus, flail whip over l. shoulder, r. hand to lips; facing him at r., cynocephalus with paws raised, disk over head. Star and crescent above between the two figures.
Rev. Αροριπασι, for Aroriphrasis, magical name of Aphrodite. Round bevel, ευτυκης Αγαθοπος (l. εὐτυχὴς Ἀγάθωπος, “Agathopus is lucky,” or perhaps εὐτυχῇς, the late subjunctive as imperative, “Good luck, Agathopus!” See Radermacher, N. T. Gram., pp. 166f.).
Dark green jasper. Transverse oval, 19 X 13 Χ 3.
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