The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1372
Walters Art Gallery 42.871
Obv. Cock-headed anguipede, head to r., whip in r. hand. Instead of the ordinary shield usually held on l. arm. there is a large roughly oval surface, much larger than a shield, bounded by irregular curves and crossed by a horizontal line. On this surface and just above it are many letters, mainly vowels, but the name Μειχαηλ occurs at the bottom, and also Ιστραηαιλ, which is probably meant for Iστραηλ, an angel name (see Peterson in Rh. Mus., 75, p. 403), and also a variant spelling of the name Israel (see Moulton-Milligan's references under Ισραηλείτης). There is an arc of vowels round the cock's head, and on the demon's trunk there is an inverted pyramid of the vowels, from all seven in the first line to a single omega at the bottom. In the field, υω, ια, ιο, and on the “shield,” ιη, each of these couples of letters with a stroke above. A curious aberrant type.
Rev. Plain.
Green jasper. Horizontal oval, 20 X 16 X 3. Slightly chipped at top, bottom, and right.
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