The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1279
Seyrig 23
Obv. Osiris as mummy standing to front, flail over each shoulder, perhaps crook also; the curved projections over the shoulders can hardly be parts of the flails. Atef crown on head; at each side of its base two feathers (?) project diagonally upward. At left below, a small squatting figure seems to be leaning backward, pulling at a cord round the knees of the mummy. Perhaps Harpocrates? Mr. Seyrig, however, thinks the figure may be female, a mourner (Nephthys) embracing the knees of the god.
Rev. Ouroboros enclosing flying scarab.
Highly polished black jasper. Upright oval, 17 Χ 12 X 3. Mounted in gold as a pendant.
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