The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1347
Mich. 26022
Obv. At r., reaper cutting three stalks of grain, three stubbles behind him. At l., tree, from a branch of which, on the right side, a wineskin hangs. Over it an ibis perches. At the left of the trunk, a snake erect in its coils (?). Over the tree, crescent moon and sun disk.
Rev. Below, uterine symbol, here globular with snakelike appendages. The “key” is a small grating with no handle. Above, a row of letters, partly indistinct, οι..ισ.α.Over them, at center, radiate Chnoubis serpent to l., facing him Anubis, behind whom are two indistinct deities. Behind Chnoubis, three indistinct divinities with plumes on their heads. Crescent and sun disk at top. The stone is an interesting combination of two medico-magical patterns, the obverse being intended for sciatic lameness, the reverse for ailments of women.
Black slaty stone. Heart-shaped, with projection above pierced from side to side for cord (perforation not visible when the stone is seen from above), 25 X 21 X 5. Said to have been found at Simbelawin.
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