The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1354
Obv. Ouroboros enclosing uterine symbol. Above it, four divinities. At l., facing r., Isis with tall, slender calathus on head (or else Nephthys with her column sign), Anubis mummy; center, Chnoubis serpent to l., disk and seven rays on head; at r., facing l., mummy with disk over head (Osiris?). Over this group, the first five vowels, the other two at l. and r. of uterine symbol. Round margin outside ouroboros, the Soroor formula followed by four characters and ιαω σα, the latter part of Sabaoth omitted for want of room.
Rev. Flying scarab with head of hawk crowned with ovoid ornament, its hind legs touching the uterine symbol in another form, the “octopus” type. Round margin, beginning at top, encircling the design and continuing for half of another circuit, ορωριουθ σαβαωθ στάλητι μήτρα μή σε Τυφῶν καταλάβη, “Be assuaged, womb, lest Typhon seize upon thee.” On left side of bevel, ψαμμουννιουμμαυτ.
Haematite. Upright oval, 20 X 18 X 4. Well preserved, except for a crack, and one of the most interesting specimens of this type. It provides the means to correct an inscription on another stone of this kind published by Barry and discussed by Delatte (see p. 84).
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