The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1357
In private possession, Beirut
Obv. Inscription in the form of a pterygoma, the first line repeated minus its first letter, the second and succeeding lines similarly treated, and so on until only the last letter remains: διψὰς Τάνταλε, αἷμα πίε, “Tantalus-viper, drink blood.” At lower l., warrior (Ares?) standing to front, head to l.; he is dressed in crested helmet, kilted tunic, chlamys and boots, r. hand holding spear upright, l. steadying shield which rests on the ground. Above the spearhead is a stylized thunderbolt. The first line of the pterygoma is too long for the space, and the last three syllables are written above the middle of the rest of the phrase.
Rev. Altar of peculiar form, over which is a uterine symbol, mouth upward. Above it, an eight-spoked wheel, at each side, a snake, its head near the edge of the symbol. At l., reading down, μεαθαδωα, at r., νοει Σαβαωθ, on base of altar, Ιαω, in exergue, the seven vowels. Adventitious scratches at left of altar base.
Haematite. Upright oblong with rounded corners, 54 Χ 29 Χ 6.5. The illustrations are from direct photographs, which I owe to the courtesy of Mr. Henri Seyrig, who published the amulet in Berytus, I, 3–4. For full discussion of the interpretation see p. 88.
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