The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1377
Newell 18
Obv. Anguipede with head of lion, body to front, head crowned with two feathers(?) to r.; kilted tunic, whip in r. hand, orb in l. Letters of Iao singly in field. Crude work, but a certain example of the lion-headed anguipede, and a link between the ordinary type and the lion-headed god, otherwise human, who carries whip and orb (see Nos. 234, 235, 236). These types, in turn, are related to the radiate lion-headed Chnoubis, all being forms of the sun-god.
Rev. λεοντορῆκτα, “render of lions.”
Purplish-brown haematite or limonite (?). Upright oval, 25 X 16 X 6.
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