The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1409
Mich. 26120
Obv. Harpocrates of Canopus, a youth to the waist, joined to the body of a crocodile to r., l. hand to mouth, cornucopia on r. arm. Two slight projections from head, resembling short horns, are probably an indication of the skhent, as certain coin types show. Over the crocodile's back, Μενελ (retrograde), under him, θεός (retrograde), i.e. Μενελαιτῶν θεός. The stone has no marks of magical use, but, like other representations of divinities, was probably thought to have a protective power. It is cut as a seal. The crocodile is complete but for the head, as on Dattari 901 (Pl. 14), a coin of Trajan, and Feuardent, Numismatique (Coll. Demetrio) 3588, a coin of the Menelaite nome under Antoninus (year 8). On other coins there are only the hind legs and tail of the crocodile, as in B. M. Cat. Alex. 461–463 (Pl. 17), Dattari 6309, 6318 (Menelaite nome). The leaden token, Dattari 6432, seems to be most like the figure on this stone.
Rev. Plain.
Dark green jasper. Transverse oval, ca. 11 X 6. Set in a modern silver ring.
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