The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1413
Seyrig 10
Obv. Sun-god with six rays round head, long tunic, r. hand raised, l. holding whip, driving four-horse chariot to l. Round margin there were seven stars, each with one of the vowels over it, a good illustration of their planetary meaning. Iota and all but a trace of its star have been chipped away from the r. end of the stone, omicron and its star damaged at lower r.
Rev. σθομβαογηβαολ σθομβαλλακαμ σθομβληθ (thus far a common solar formula, with variants, as usual) αεαθιεμμενετηαρ.. On bevel ετωεστριλαριτιαππ. . ωνσατραπερ[.
Greenish-black jasper. Transverse oval, 17Χ 13 Χ4. Slightly chipped on edges.
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