The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1449
Mich. 26111
Obv. Ouroboros enclosing at l., six-rayed ring sign, at r., amphora holding two drooping branches with leaves and fruits (or flower buds). Below, Ευθεμ. This may be an abbreviation of the name Euthemon, with epsilon instead of eta, a common error; the rare adjective euthemitos is not attested as a name. But it is more likely that the engraver carelessly cut Μ for ΝΙ; εὐθένι (l. εὐθένει), “flourish,” “prosper,” would be an appropriate motto of good will, and the symbol of the plant is in harmony with the wish. A two-handled vase holding two ivy shoots with berries, originally a Dionysiac symbol, was cut on a cinerary urn in the Lateran Museum (W. Altmann, Grabaltäre der Kaiserzeit, No. 124, p. 99). In a mosaic from Daphne the border design is a rinceau growing from each side of a two-handled vase placed in the corner of the quadrangle (Antiοch on the Orontes, ΙI, No. 55, Pl. 45, 1 and 3, Princeton, 1938).
Rev. Plain.
Bloodstone. Transverse oval, 22 Χ 16 Χ 3.
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