The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1495
Mich. 26131+26160
Fragments of a bronze bracelet, possibly a little smaller than the preceding, but otherwise very like it; the two may have been made in the same shop. The size of the medallions and the width of the hoop are the same as in No. 321, but the distance between the only two ovals that are still connected is less than the average in the other specimen. There are four fragments:
A. Two medallions connected by the hoop. The oval at the left was blank, intended to be fastened under the last engraved medallion. The other shows the Rider piercing the Evil One with a lance which has a cross and a pennon at the top.
B, C. The Virgin seated to r., the Child on her knee. Facing her a worshiper, apparently female. Small Greek cross between the figures. Virgin, Child, and worshiper have the nimbus.
D. Small cross followed by ο κατοικον εν (Psalm 91, 1).
As in the preceding example, a blinded eye (see above) was engraved on each side of each medallion. Four of these have been preserved. One medallion and the greater part of the hoop are lost.
Published by Fr. R. Mouterde in Mélanges Univ. St.-Joseph, 25, 121 (Pl. 9, 50). Not having seen a complete specimen, Mouterde overlooked (as his figure shows) the loss of one medallion and the greater part of the hoop; and the medallion that he describes as obliterated was never engraved, for the reason given under the preceding number.
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