The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1515
Boston, Museum of Fine Arts 03.1008
Obv. At center, ship with mast, reefed sail, and two steering oars moving to l. The helmsman raises his hands in prayer, as Jonah throws himself from the prow. A sea monster approaches from r. to devour Jonah. At r. and lower, Jonah is seated, clothed and resting his hands on his staff, under a tree arching overhead; a bird perches on its top. At l., a man, apparently Jonah again, facing r., hands raised as in prayer (Jonah 3, 1–4; 4, 2).
Sard set in gold ring. Transverse oval, ca. 17 X 15. From a cast.
Previously published by Garrucci, Storia dell'arte cristiana, VI, Pl. 478, 28, whence it is repeated in Cabrol-Leclercq, Dict. d'archéol. chrét., VI, 842, fig. 5070; Early Christian and Byzantine Art, No. 561, Pl. 78.
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