The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-451
Mich. 26054
Obv. Ouroboros with head at bottom enclosing cock-headed anguipede, head to l., whip in raised r. hand. Large circular shield at l. side, but no part of l. arm is shown; apparently it is supposed to be behind the shield. Apart from this awkwardness the work is more careful than usual, the cock's head being well cut. The figure wears a military tunic and kilt. On shield, in three lines, ιαηιο υωηιη ηηιιι. Above the shield, in four lines, Μιχαηλ Ρεφαηλ Γαβριηλ 0υριηλ. Over whip, αιεη; below it, in seven lines, the magical names of the planets, with some errors, σημεα κεντευ κοντευ κενγευ κηριδευ δαρυνκω υκυηξι (usually λυκυνξ). Under the snake legs, in five lines, σεμεσειλαμ λαθραμαφτα ιω ιω ιω ιη ιη ιη ιιιιιιιιιιιι αηαηαηαααιαι ειω. Below this, following the curve of the lower margins, ψινωθερθερνω.
Rev. Eagle-headed god clothed only in apron, standing to front, head to l., calathus on head, small wing at each side of it; two more wings from top of shoulders, two from hips, bird tail. In each hand, raised to shoulder height, a lozenge-shaped symbol ending below in two long points (  ), perhaps a form of the sa, or sign meaning protection (Gardiner, Sign-list, V 17). At l. and r., reading upward, ασασαμ αδουραμ. Round bevel, seven scarab beetles, a star, an obscure character, a cynocephalus, a crocodile, a rat (?), and a palm leaf.
The wings and the bird tail seem to connect the reverse type with the pantheos; but no exact parallel has been found.
Green jasper. Upright oval, 37 Χ 27 Χ 4.
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