The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-469
Bonner 53
Obv. Youthful figure, beardless, standing to l., wearing headcloth, and wrapped from shoulders to knees in close folds resembling the coils of a snake; yet head and tail of the reptile are missing. There is an amusing resemblance to the little "Michelin man" of a well-known French advertisement. Six lines curve downward from the coils. There are a few non-Greek characters along the margin at l. and r., and a six-pointed star made with interlaced triangles at bottom. The design is discussed at p. 147, n. 45. If the stone is genuine, no satisfactory explanation of it has been offered. If it is a forgery, it is not a recent one; the fact that the edges have been ground down, thus damaging the star and characters, suggests that the stone was worn for some time before it was fitted to a smaller setting.
Rev. Plain.
Bloodstone. Upright oval, 18 X 15 Χ 4. Obv. flat, rev. convex.
Compare Capello, Prodromus Ιconicus 212; Chiflet, Pl. 25, 103, is more elaborate and is inscribed on the reverse.
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