The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 248.

of Zeus; but to identify Zeus, or Jupiter, with the Sun works confusion in astrology. Yet anomalous as that identification would be, it is slightly favored by the solar character of the whole amulet; for the obverse type, if not itself an aspect of the Sun (in his descent or old age), is certainly closely associated with Horus, the sun-god, and it is accompanied by an inscription which contains planetary names, including that of the sun. Further, the cock-headed anguipede and the lion are both solar figures.
The discussion of rare and perplexing types could be continued much further, but it seems best to deal here chiefly with such uncommon designs as are represented by at least a small group of examples. A few other unusual types will be described and illustrated at the end of that part of the catalogue (Descriptions of the Plates) which is devoted to this chapter. Other observers may be able to explain them or at least to give notice of similar specimens.

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