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Bonner, SMA, 253.

The common errors in the inscriptions would be more readily understood if a special Greek epigraphic type could be used; but since no available font closely resembles the angular character employed in the legends of magical inscriptions, it seemed better not to attempt an imitation which at best could be only approximate and might sometimes mislead.
In connection with the laxities of the ancient engravers, I should explain that since the cross stroke of alpha is often omitted, I have written alpha for apparent lambda when the word or formula in which it occurs is well known and so justifies the correction. The same liberty has been taken with a few other closely similar letters.
Some of the longer palindromes are copied only as far as the central letter; and the commonest formulas are often indicated only by their first few syllables.
Among the illustrations that follow, certain groups are represented more numerously than may seem necessary, because some experienced archaeologists set a high value on series that exhibit as many variations as possible, even though they are slight. On the other hand, the few amulets with purely Christian inscriptions and designs might have been omitted, since so many more interesting examples have been published elsewhere. But the study of the Syro-Palestinian bronze pendants led naturally to other Christian amulets, and those introduced here are at least fairly typical of their kind.


Obv. Osiris as mummy standing to front in papyrus boat; he wears the atef crown and holds in the crook of the r. arm a sistrum, which projects over the shoulder; in the l. a sistrum in a similar position and a flail whip hanging over the elbow. At r. facing him, a winged goddess with horns and disk on head, was scepter upright between her and Osiris. At l. a winged goddess wearing crown, apparently the atef (it is damaged by a chip); was between her and Osiris. On upturned r. end of boat, cynocephalus; on l. end, crowned hawk.
Rev. In longer axis of the face, Sarapis as mummy standing to front on pedestal, head crowned with modius to right. Round margin, βαιvχωωωχ.
Green jasper with a few red spots. Transverse oval, 27 X 20 X 3. Obverse slightly chipped in two places. In ancient gold mounting with suspension loop.
Obv. Osiris as mummy wearing atef crown standing to front in boat between two goddesses (not differentiated) in the traditional attitude of Isis and Nephthys, fanning Osiris with their wings. On each end of the boat a hawk with an indistinct crown.
Rev. Inscription in three lines; above and below, signs meant for hieroglyphics, between them the seven Greek vowels.
Green jasper. Transverse oval, 22 X 15 X 3.
Obv. Osiris as mummy standing to front, wearing atef crown and carrying two flail whips; at r. and l. two winged

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