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Bonner, SMA, 254.

goddesses — one wing raised, the other lowered. The goddesses are not differentiated.
Rev. ἡ χάρις.
Green jasper. Transverse oval, 24 X 19 X 2.
Obv. Osiris as mummy standing to front in boat under which is a flying scarab. The crown of Osiris is here indicated by three points like a trident; flail over l. arm. At each end of boat a hawk wearing the crown of Upper Egypt. Over tips of scarab's wings, star and crescent.
Rev. Plain.
Green jasper shaded on rev. with dark red. Upright oval, 19 X 16 X 3.
Obv. Ouroboros (head at bottom) enclosing Osiris as mummy standing to front over scarab with extended wings. He wears a crown with uraei, and holds the flail in his r. hand, the crook in l.
Rev. Permutations of the vowels, covering entire surface. On bevel, vowels arranged as palindrome, ιεoυωηιαη (central letter).
Lapis lazuli. Upright oval, 19 X 14 X 3.
Brooklyn Museum 37.1756L
Obv. Crudely executed Osiris mummy to front; crown indistinct. Crowned hawk perching on each elbow. Flying scarab under feet. Ιαω in field.
Rev. Plain.
Green jasper. Upright oval, 20 X 15 X 3. From a direct photograph.
Obv. Across the center, papyrus boat in which the mummy of Osiris lies, the head, crowned with the atef, to r. The boat is upheld by Anubis, half kneeling, to r., arms extended. Over the mummy a scarab, with a crowned hawk on each side and two cobras above. Several characters in vacant places of the field. A cobra at each side of Anubis.
Rev. Aβλαvαθαvαλβα in large letters; under it, much smaller, πρὸς πάvτες (l. πάvτας); these are the last words of the inscription on the bevel, placed here for lack of room on the edge. On the bevel, encircling it a little more than twice, αρπovχvoυφι βριvτατηvωφρι βρισκυλμα ρυζαβαρα μεσεvκριφι vιπτoυμι χμoυμαω δός μoι χάριv Διovυσιάτι κύριεeθεὲdἤδη (πρὸς πάvτες). This legend is a variant of the formula discussed on the basis of several examples by Perdrizet (Mélanges Maspero, II, 1, 137–144), followed by the prayer “Grant me, Dionysias, favor in the sight of all, O lord God, quickly.” The magical words seem to belong to Horus-Chnum as a solar divinity; but κύριεeθεέ has a Jewish sound.
Green jasper. Upright oval, 28 X 21 X 5.
Obv. Mummy of Osiris lying with head to l. on back of lion walking to l. Disk on mummy's head. Behind, Anubis standing to l., r. hand raised; l. holds over shoulder an implement like a trident but with the shaft or handle attached to the prongs obliquely at one side, not the middle, perhaps a kind of candelabrum with three lights, which would be appropriate for a funeral. At sides, two winged goddesses, identical in appearance, though meant for Isis and Nephthys fanning the dead Osiris. Round margin, beginning at lower left, βαιvχωωωχ αβρασαξ.
Rev. Two lines of characters; under them the seven vowels in order.
Green jasper. Transverse oval, 29 X 22.5 X 3. Cracked diagonally across.
Obv. Lion walking to l., mummy of Osiris on back, head to l., disk above; crowned hawk perched on feet of mummy. Letter lambda over lion's head, alpha at hawk's tail, perhaps a letter, now indistinct, under lion's muzzle.
Rev. Plain.
Red jasper. Upright oval, 15 X 7 X 3.
Obv. Funeral of Osiris. Lion standing to r., disk over head, carrying on back mummy of Osiris, head crowned with

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