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Bonner, SMA, 259.

feathers supported by two horns. Here Harpocrates sits, at the same level with the kneeling Isis, on a very low dais with crosshatched edge. These two stones, to which B. M. 56541 and Southesk N 20 should be added, seem to reproduce a well-known sculptured group. The B.M. and Southesk stones have on their reverse the same palindrome that appears on Mich. 26060. No exact dynastic antecedent of the design is known to me, but one may compare a curious bronze group in Turin (Lanzone, 796, P1. 300), where Isis stands behind a seated Osiris smaller than herself, and holds her hands to his head as if to protect him.
Rev. Bainchoooch.
Black jasper. Upright oval, 19 X 16. Chipped at upper l. The illustration is from an impression reversed in printing.
Obv. Anubis standing to front, head to l., nude except for apron; star over head. In l. hand, a situla; r. holds a tall scepter resembling a Roman military standard, with palm leaves at top, and two garlands, the lower with ties. At r., four characters and E, at l., six Greek letters, some in wrong positions, making no sense.
Rev. Ablanathanalba abrasax in three lines.
Brownish-yellow jasper. Upright oval, 27 X 20 X 3. Modern gold mounting with suspension loop.
Obv. Anubis standing to front, head to r., wearing short tunic, holding situla in r. hand, was scepter in l. Behind him, reading downwards (retrograde), τυχη.
Rev. Plain.
Nicolo. Upright oval, 13 X 11 X 3. Design on smaller face.
Obv. Anubis standing to front, head to l., wearing cuirass (?), kilt, and boots; zoned globe in his extended r., palm frond in l. Star at each side of head. Character under r. arm, lambda opposite l. Lower part of body, from thighs down, enclosed by lines that form a trapezoid with ground line and contain a few letters.
Rev. Three characters.
Green jasper. Upright oval, 20 X 14 Χ 3.
Obv. Anubis standing to front, head to l., clothed in tunic reaching to knees, and upper garment indicated only by an end falling over l. arm. Indistinct object (purse?) in r. hand, caduceus over l. shoulder. Below, ouroboros forming a flat ellipse; nothing enclosed.
Rev. Abrasax.
Green jasper. Rectangular, 19 X 18 X 4. Upper corners ground off, lower slightly rounded.
Obv. Anubis standing to front, head to l., clothed only in apron. Tall palm frond in r. hand, caduceus over l. shoulder. The body is disproportionately heavy and bloated-looking.
Rev. Three characters.
Yellow jasper. Upright oval, 19 X 15 Χ 3.
Bonner 44 (formerly Wyndham Cook)
Obv. Human figure with animal head, probably intended for Anubis, standing to r., nude. Triangular ornament standing on one corner between the ears. R. hand holds situla, extended l. holds a roll of papyrus or a short, thick baton. Under the figure, Mιχαηλ.
Rev. Plain.
Chalcedony. Upright oval, 15 X 11 X 3. Obv. plane, rev. slightly convex, edge beveled.
Catalogue of the Wyndham Cook Collection, 236, Pl. 9.
Obv. Anubis(?) standing to r., dressed in chlamys and short tunic; tall palm frond in l., caduceus over l. shoulder, sistrum in field behind. Palm and

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