The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 271.

tion is presented in full in HTR 35, 87–93, which must be corrected by the same journal, 37, 333 f. See also pp. 64–66 above.
Rev. Plain.
Haematite. Oblong fragment, rounded at bottom after losing a splinter at l., which thus destroyed the eagle's r. wing. Present measurements, 27 X 10 Χ 5.
Obv. Herakles to l. struggling with lion; club behind.
Rev. KKK , two lines.
Red jasper. Almost circular, 15 X 14 Χ 5. Obv. flat, rev, convex.
Obv. Herakles standing to l. grappling with lion. Club in field at r.
Rev. KKK.
Red jasper. Upright oval, 15 Χ 12 X 2.5.
Obv. Herakles to l. throttling lion.
Rev. KKK.
Red jasper. Upright oval, 17 X 13 Χ 4.
Pelizäus Museum /Hildesheim/ 285
Obv. Seven birds in two columns of four and three. In the left-hand column, numbers 1, 2, and 4 may probably be identified as ibis, black stork (ba bird, Gardiner, Sign-list, G29), and Egyptian vulture (Gardiner G1). Number 3 and all the birds of the second column are too indistinct to be identified. All seven face to r. Opposite them, in column, the syllables ιβι αβι βι ο βη, apparently a babbling formula. On the bevel, beginning over the birds, and going almost twice round the stone, ὄλεθρον καὶ πύρηθρον φύγε ἀπὸ τοῦνφοροῦντος τὸ φυλακτήριον τοῦτο, “Plague and fever flee from the wearer of this amulet!” The lapidary actually cut φορουντοφ, influenced by the next three letters.
Rev. Inscription in seven lines. The first seems to invoke “alien angels” (βαρβαραοανχελοι), and the last contains the name Σαλβαναχαμβρη, often found with solar divinities and the cynocephalus. The rest is unexplained. Text in full on p. 68.
Unidentified green stone. Rectangular, 26 Χ 20 X 5. Unusually broad bevel; main design on smaller face.
Obv. Thick-bodied lizard, head within the curve of a downward-pointing crescent. The letters of the word πηρα are placed as follows: π, η, above r. and l. forepaws, ρ, α, below hind feet. A type prescribed for the cure of eye ailments; see p. 69.
Rev. κανθε σουλε.
Mottled jasper, green with reddish-brown spots. Upright oval, 15 X 8 X 3. Apparently much like Southesk N 82, though larger.
Obv. Thick-bodied lizard, head within the curve of a broad crescent pointing downward. At left, ολωρις, at r., ολυωρ[.
Rev. Plain.
Mottled jasper, green and yellow. Upright oval, 20 X 16 X 5. Chipped at bottom. From Syria.
B. M. Cat. Gems 2166
Obv. Bearded reaper in sleeveless tunic, bending to r. to cut five stalks of grain.
Rev. Plain.
Amethyst. Upright oval, 13 X 10. From an impression.
The stone is probably not magical, and is shown here as an example of the reaper design used as a mere genre subject, or, perhaps, as a symbol of the harvest season.
Obv. Reaper wearing high cap and kilt, stooping to r. to cut six stalks of grain with long-handled sickle. Two stubbles. Behind him, tree with branch arching over his back.
Rev. σχιων, i.e. ἰσχίων, “for the hips.”
Haematite. Transverse oval, 23 X 18 Χ 3.

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