The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 278.

Obv. Mummy in network of bandages to front, feet to l. On head three pins (?) with rings at top; perhaps meant for nails, or else merely ornamental. Under feet of mummy, a bar with ring at each end and hook projecting downward from middle. Outer inscription beginning at top, Ἑμέρας γόvoς Mέμvωv κoιμᾶται; inner inscription, κραβαζαζηραβιραθκηβαιαωεω.
Rev. Mummy as on obv. but feet to r. Outer inscription, Φιλίππας γόvoς Ἀvτίπατρoς κoιμᾶται. Inner inscription as on obv., and in addition, ἐγώ at l. of mummy, ὁ ὤv at r.
Banded jasper, black and red. Upright oval, 26 Χ 23. Edge chipped.
Obv. Headless and handless man, dressed in kilted tunic and boots, standing to front, blood spirting from neck and wrists. The amputated hands are in the field opposite the wrists; there seem also to be traces of the head in the flaked surface at upper r. Inscription beginning at lower l., αβλαvαθαλβα αβραξ. In lower field, Iαω. The serifs at the bottoms of the letters are prolonged to the right to such an extent that lambda looks like delta.
Rev. Cock-headed anguipede, head to r., whip in his r., shield on l. arm. Round margin, from lower l., ακραμαχαμαρεηιoυαoω.
Crimson jasper. Upright oval, 28 Χ 20 Χ 3; in modern gold setting with suspension loop. Chipped at top and bottom of obverse.
Obv. Ouroboros enclosing, just under the snake's head, a rude figure with its hands apparently bound to its sides or behind its back. Knees close together as if bound. Over its head an object like an E turned forward, or the head of a trident; perhaps to be compared with the trident that pierces the evil eye on many Syrian bronze pendants. An inscription beginning on the left of the figure continues on the right, Mιχαηλ Ραφαηλ Aδωvαι Iαω.
Rev. Six elaborate and carefully engraved characters in two rows.
Red sard. Transverse oval, 26 Χ 19 Χ 4.
Obv. Youthful figure, nude, hands bound together in front, feet close together, standing to r. on gable-topped stele lying on its side. Behind, a vertical row of characters; two of the signs resemble nails or pins with rings in their tops. On the face of the stele, arranged in six rows, meaningless combinations of the letters iota, omicron, and upsilon, also the signs of sun and moon, each occurring twice. Interpretation uncertain; perhaps a kind of defixio, perhaps crypto-Christian.
Rev. Χ , i.e. ΧΡ.
Haematite. Upright oval 18 Χ 14 Χ 3. Obv. slightly chipped at l.
Obv. Mummy standing to front, whip over r. shoulder, crook over l. On head, ornament resembling trident, but with balls or rings instead of barbed points. At r., an incense altar.
Rev. Figure with human body and limbs, and the head of a horse, standing to front, head to r. On head, an ornament like that worn by the mummy on the obverse. In l. hand, a tall scepter, in r., an object resembling a small balance, but perhaps meant for a bridle bit. Incense altar at r.
Disk of thin metal, probably silver, diameter 27.
Newell 25
Obv. Isis-Hecate standing to front, wearing modius on head, dressed in long tunic with overfall girt in under breasts and reaching to hips. Whip in r. hand, flaming torch in l. The head of an unidentified bird projects from the r. side of her head, the head and neck of a goose from the l. An inscription beginning at the l. side of her head encircles the stone almost three times in an enlarging spiral. It is almost all unintelligible, but contains

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