The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 288.

X 21 X 5. Obv. slightly convex, rev. flat.
R.O.M.A. C 1161
Obv. Harpocrates seated to l. on lotus in boat, the ends of which are turned up at right angles. R. hand to lips, l. holds flail, knees drawn up. Above three scarabs, at l., three hawks with disks over heads, and lower, three crocodiles; at r., three goats, three snakes. Before Harpocrates, Iαω in vertical column. Crescent and star in field. Poor work, much crowded, but a complete type.
Rev. Γαβριηλ.
Haematite. Broad upright oval, 22 X 19.
Obv. Harpocrates sitting to l. on lotus, his legs hanging over. The plant springs from a small boat. The god's head is adorned with a crown consisting of the disk with uraei; r. hand holds the flail whip forward, l. holds a short scepter. Star and crescent at l. and r. above. At l., three birds, three crocodiles, at r., three scarabs, below, three snakes. The goats that usually appear are omitted.
Rev. Four‑line inscription consisting entirely of vowels (except two phis) in no significant order.
Unidentified green stone, perhaps jasper but lighter in color than usual in green jasper. Roughly circular, 37 X 36.
Obv. Papyrus boat in which Harpocrates sits to front on lotus, one leg bent under him, the other extended; r. hand raised with palm to front, l. holds ear of grain. Disk over his head, which is encircled by a nimbus with seven double rays. Under his right foot is a minute figure of a cynocephalus with disk on its head. At Harpocrates' right stands a goddess wearing the atef crown and holding a lotus scepter in l. hand, ankh in r.; at his left, goddess wearing hemhem crown, lotus scepter in r., ankh in l. Two stars in field, and two crescent moons. Triads of animals are grouped in positions somewhat different from the ordinary arrangement: above, three scarabs and under them three cobras; at upper l., two goats, at upper r., goat and hawk. The other two hawks perch on the ends of the boat, under which are three crocodiles.
Rev. Scarab between two crowned hawks. Round margin, αρβαθαγραμvηφιβαωχvημεω, a formula which is found (usually with iota at the beginning) in connection with various solar designs.
Haematite. Transverse oval, ca. 26 X 21 X 3. In modern gold setting, with suspension loop.
Obv. Harpocrates riding lion to l., r. hand raised, palm forward, l. holding flail whip. Ovoid ornament over head; scalp lock. Lion has nimbus with five double rays; there was originally another pair. There is an indication of fire breathed from the lion's nostrils; his tail ends in a cobra with two feathers on its head. Thunderbolt under lion's feet. The design was encircled with the Chabrach formula, but the edges were afterwards ground down until only the first word, part of the second, and the last letter of all can be read.
Rev. Marmarazi, letters arranged as a narrow inverted pyramid.
Red‑brown jasper. Upright oval, 30 X 22 X 5. Originally larger.
Obv. Child with radiate head (Harpocrates?), his l. hand raised, palm forward, riding lion to r. over a mummy; at r., facing, a female worshiper, hand to lips in gesture of proskynesis. The end of the lion's tail is forked, perhaps to suggest a snake's head; compare the previous number.
Rev. Iao.
Haematite. Transverse oval, 18 X 14 Χ 4.
Obv. At r., lion walking to l. over dead body, which is rendered very crudely; over his back, head and shoulders of youth, probably supposed to be riding

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