The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 293.

Obv. Lion-headed god standing to front, head to l., seven-rayed nimbus round head. Chlamys round shoulders and hanging over l. arm, cuirass, and short tunic; high boots. Whip in r. hand, orb with equator and meridian in l.
Rev. Ζεθ αoβε τωρθρoθμεωμιθρoρovφαωχι.
Rock crystal, tinged with brownish yellow. Upright oval, 19 Χ 13 Χ 7. Convex on both sides, more so on the reverse.
Obv. Lion walking to r., star over back. Inscription beginning above, Iao eulamo abrasax.
Rev. Plain.
Rock crystal. Lentoid, almost circular, 24 Χ 23 Χ 10. Part of upper margin broken away where an attempt was made to perforate it. Both sides convex, the reverse more so.
Obv. Lion walking to l., roaring. Seven rays round head. The seven vowels over his back, φρη, “the sun,” in field under his body.
Rev. Peacock to r. Over back, abrasax.
Citrine. Transverse oval, 13 Χ 11 Χ 6. Convex on both sides. Chipped on lower edge.
Obv. Lion walking to l., star and crescent moon over back.
Rev. Plain.
Yellow jasper. Transverse oval, 17 Χ 14 Χ 4.
Obv. Lion walking to l.; above him, heads of moon and sun divinities. At r., behind lion, a female figure raises hand to touch the sun-god; at l., facing lion, another female figure holds cornucopia in r.
Rev. Plain.
Haematite. Transverse oval, 12 Χ 9 Χ 2.
Obv. Child riding lion to I. over a prostrate naked man. At l., in front of lion, another naked man standing to front, head to r., arms held stiffly at sides.
Rev. Iαω σαβαω δoμvoς. The last word is evidently dominus, a rare example of a Latin word in inscriptions of this kind.
Yellow jasper. Transverse oval, 14 X 11 X 2.
Obv. Lion standing to l. holding out r. forepaw to a kneeling winged youth who is drawing a large thorn from it. Disk and six rays on lion's head, star over back.
Rev. Mαρμαραυωθ.
Yellow jasper. Transverse oval, 18 Χ 14 X 2. Slightly chipped on lower edge.
The relations of this stone and the following number are discussed in my article “Eros and the Wounded Lion,” AJA 49 (1945), 441–444.
Obv. Lion standing to l., holding out r. forepaw to a kneeling winged youth who holds in his hand a large thorn, which he has drawn from the wounded paw. Star and crescent moon over lion.
Rev. βαιvχωωωχ βρηθ.
Crimson jasper. Transverse oval, 17 X 12 Χ 3, formerly larger; the edge was ground off at some time after the work was finished, damaging the wings and one leg of the kneeling figure and the lion's tail.
Obv. Cynocephalus seated to l., disk on head.
Rev. 0υσειρι, “Osiris!”
Chalcedony. Upright oval, 17 Χ 12 Χ 3. Obv. flat, rev, slightly convex.
Obv. Cynocephalus standing to l., paws raised, disk on head, star and crescent moon l. and r. At r., τα at l., αυ; the letters make no sense unless Tααυ is a corruption of θαυτ, which occurs as a transliteration of the Egyptian name of Thoth.

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