The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 308.

Obv. Rider Saint with nimbus galloping to left, piercing the head of a wriggling snake with his lance, which has a cross at the top. Small cross pattée in field in front of the rider's face. The uncertain object behind him may be the end of his cape.
Rev. Above, crux quadrats in circle which rests on an indistinct moundlike support. Sun-god (indistinct) at l., moon-goddess at r. Below, lion running to l. over wriggling snake.
Lead pendant with suspension loop. Plaque almost circular; height, with loop, 30, width 24.
A. B. Cook
Obv. Rider to l., without nimbus, transfixing a wriggling snake with long lance held in l. hand. Since the stone was cut seal-fashion the print used in making the figure is reversed. Round upper margin, eight non-Greek characters.
Rev. Plain.
Red jasper. Upright oval, ca. 25 X 19.
Seyrig 55
One side of a mould for casting small rectangular amulets of lead, two at a time, each with two suspension loops. The text is the same in both, the first six words of Psalm 91, ό κατικov έv βoεθίᾳ τoύ ύψoυστoυ, with errors in the vowels; the spelling of the last word is very strange, and not easily paralleled even in the most illiterate texts. It will be observed that the letters are differently distributed in the two amulets, and that in the one on the right the maker has narrowed the first four panels and made space for a narrow fifth with four bosses. It is said that the avoidance of regularity or uniformity, which may be observed in various eastern crafts, springs from a belief that slight irregularities avert the evil eye.
Steatite, 66 X 53 X 15. The upper edge is intact except for a notch at l., which has broken away half of a drilled boring. Lower edge preserved only for about 1 cm. at right. Sides intact. There are two parallel grooves round the reverse side and a deeper groove crossing the surface from top to bottom, broadened below to a depression shaped like an arrowhead.
R.O.M.A. C 147
Obv. Virgin standing to front, head to l., holding the Child in r. arm. She wears a tunic reaching to the ground and an overgarment falling behind to the knees. Nimbus round heads of both mother and child. Star at each side above. Lower at l., MΡ, at r., e ΘV.
Rev. Plain.
Jasper, mottled green and red. Rectangular below, corners rounded to an arched form above; 19 X 14. The illustration is made from an impression, since the inscription was cut to be read so. This shows the child on the right arm of Mary, instead of the commoner position on the left.
Obv. Virgin seated to l., holding the Child out in her arms as if to show him to worshipers. Over her head Greek cross. In front, IΣ, behind, ΧΣ, i.e. Ἰησoῦς Χριστός.
Rev. Plain.
Black glass paste. Upright oval, 19 X 15 X 2. Chipped at l. edge.
Obv. Head and bust of Christ, bearded, nimbus with cross round head, hands holding book(?) before breast. IΣΧΣ at l. and r.
Rev. Female saint (the Virgin?), nimbus round head, hands raised as in prayer.
Crude bronze medallion with raised rim, perhaps part of a reversible bracelet or necklace. Circular, diameter 24; the broken projections at the sides joined it to the other parts of the piece.
R.O.M.A. C 1163
Obv. Crudely executed nude male figure standing to front, arms raised in the attitude of prayer. At each side an animal, probably meant for a lion, the

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