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Bonner, SMA, 314.

urement, 32 X 18 X 3.5. After the right half of the stone had splintered off, the sharp corners were ground to the present oblong form.
Obv. Ouroboros enclosing Sarapis seated to l. on throne which rests on a crocodile. Scarab with wings spread over his head, r. hand extended over large scorpion, l. rests on tall scepter with ibis on top. Below, mummy of Osiris, head (with disk) to l., lying on back of lion walking to l. At l., inscription made up of meaningless letters, most if not all of them vowels (lambda perhaps for alpha), arranged as pyramid with point down. Round margin outside ouroboros, vowels in groups of seven.
Rev. Three scarabs, three crowned hawks, three goats (or rather sheep of old Egyptian breed), three crocodiles, three cobras. These groups usually accompany Harpocrates. Edge encircled by characters, with a few Greek letters.
Green jasper. Upright oval, 19 X 14 X 2.
Obv. Ouroboros enclosing Sarapis seated to l. in same attitude as on Nos. 354 to 356, throne resting on crocodile, mummy, and lion, as before. Flying scarab over head; the bird at the top of the scepter seems here to be an ibis. The mummy's crown is suggested by a single upright stroke. Behind Sarapis at r., the vowels in two columns; and round the entire design, inside the ouroboros, runs a pyramid sequence of the vowels from a single alpha to seven omegas.
Rev. Inscription covering the entire surface with very small letters, continued on bevel, beginning at top, and making the circuit of the stone with a slight overlap, as follows: vεθμoχλαωμαρακαχθα θωβαρυβαυθ αρvαχαχα ζωραoκoθoρα σεσεvγεvφαραvγης εμoιφoμoφιμηoυμ αχμαωθ χαβραχ φvεσχηρ φιχvo (continued onbevel beginning at top) φvυρω φωχω βωχ μαγιμθραμαγιαλδα μεvvoπερσoχ.
Black jasper, upright oval, 18 X 14 Χ 3.
Rectangular prism: side A, figure with animal head, probably Anubis, to l.; B, snake; C, Harpocrates sitting on lotus, very indistinct; D, Iαω. Crude work.
Steatite, 14 X 11 X 9. Perforated vertically.
Walters Art Gallery 42.731
Four-sided prism, bored longitudinally as bead. Side A, Anubis standing to l.; B, Iαω; C, orans, hands raised to height of head; D, snake. The figures are mere line sketches.
Black jasper, 20 X 11 X 9.
Rectangular prism, not perforated.
A. Hecate with indistinct head, probably meant to show three faces; cushionlike object (modius?) on head. Six arms, the uppermost pair holding daggers (?), the middle pair uncertain objects, the lowest whips.
B. Ζεῦ ἅγιε, “Holy Zeus.”
C. Isis-Tyche standing to front; r. hand at waist level holding indistinct object; cornucopia in l. Incense burner (?) at I. side.
D. ἀπoστρεψίκακε (not in lexicons), “Averter of evil.”
Limonite, 19 X 8 X 8.
Rectangular prism, perforated longitudinally. A, Iαω; B, Σαβαω; C, Mιχαηλ; D, Θωθ followed by a curious monogram or cipher, .
Glass paste, gilded, 24 X 6 X 6.
Copper prism, tapering slightly to a suspension loop at top, thus resembling a small weight. On the main face, an indistinct figure resembling the cock-headed anguipede without the serpent legs is supported by a post like that of a trophy; instead of the usual whip and shield, a tall spear seems to be held at each side. Uncertain traces below; on the adjacent sides, indistinct letters;

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